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What are we going to do today to help dismantle white supremacy and anti-Black racism?

Black Lives Matter: Beyond the Yard Sign

Evanston resident Heather Heuman Sweeney's White Antiracism Affinity group will hold a Zoom call this evening at 7 p.m. that's geared toward white people, but open to all, that will help answer the question, "What can I do?"

The event is open to anyone who lives and works in Evanston.

Register and request the Zoom link here.

During the call, you'll be able to:

*Ask your questions so we educate ourselves, without burdening Black people.

*Discuss do’s and dont's for showing up and taking action without causing more harm.

*Identify ways you can follow Black leadership and take antiracism action here in Evanston and interrupt racism in your spheres of influence.

The call will be hosted by Heather and Megan Kennedy-Farrell.

Small group facilitators: Jackie Battalora, Kim Kelly, Biz Lindsay-Ryan, Kathy McGroarty Torres, and Meghan Shea.

The group suggests a $20 donation that will support The Citizens' Network of Protection - Evanston, IL, a local group that works to promote police accountability, transparency, and oversight in Evanston.

Check their event page here.

If you'd like to join the private White Anti-Racism Affinity Group, click here. You will need to answer a few questions in order to be accepted into the group here.


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