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Where you can buy a Black Lives Matter sign AND support organizations that affirm Black lives.

Thanks to a recent surge in messages asking us where folks can buy a Black Lives Matter sign, we figured it was time to repost Ben Blount, Melissa Blount, and Heather Heuman Sweeney's excellent GoFundMe.

Signs from their effort are $10 each with $5 going to organizations that affirm Black lives.

So far the campaign has raised $12,400 to produce more signs and support organizations.

Through August, funds will support Evanston Fight for Black Lives and Love and Protect.

Get YOUR sign now!

Here's the link. Once you donate, you'll receive an email with instructions about the contactless sign pick-up locations, usually within 4 hours of receipt of your contribution. The email will be from "GoFundMe". If you do not get the email, check your spam or contact Heather.

While you're on the GoFundMe site, you'll also find a link to Heather's White Anti-Racism Affinity group. Many white people want to take actionable steps beyond a BLM yard sign. So ... if you live or work in Evanston, visit the White Antiracism Affinity Group FB page for next steps.

If you are unable to make a contribution but want a sign, simply contact Ben, Melissa, and Heather for the pick-up locations by sending an email .


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