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Who do you envision for Evanston's next City Manager?

Dear Evanston,

Tomorrow, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the City will hold the last community meeting (virtual) to seek public input about the qualities Evanston residents want to see in Evanston's next City Manager.

To participate in the meeting, you must be registered.

Please also submit your thoughts to by this Friday, July 10.

Last week, nine major Evanston membership organizations and campaigns collaborated to develop and submit to the City Council and search consultants a comprehensive description of qualifications and traits for the ideal Evanston City Manager.

This description reflects our commitment to an Evanston that is dedicated to ending structural racism and achieving racial equity, in the words of the City Council's unanimously passed Resolution, and to implementing fully participatory democratic practices.

Each of these nine campaigns, grassroots or membership groups are committed to an Evanston that is just, equitable, and inclusive:

  • The Citizens' Network of Protection - Evanston, IL (CNP)

  • Community Alliance for Better Government

  • Dear Evanston

  • Evanston Fight for Black Lives

  • Evanston Minority Business Consortium

  • Evanston Voter Initiative

  • ESPCAR - Every Single Person Committed to Anti-Racism

  • OPAL, Organization for Positive Action and Leadership

  • Reclaim Evanston

As groups comprising a wide swath of Evanstonians, we come together in response to the City’s stated call to the community for input in the City Manager selection process:

“In order to make this a transparent and public process, the City is soliciting feedback from the community regarding the characteristics and traits the new city manager should possess as well as the opportunities and challenges he/she may face.”

Our intent in widely circulating this job description for the most important job in Evanston is two-fold:

1. To broaden public understanding of how a City Manager can promote a culture of inclusion and racial equity as well as policies and programs to match, and;

2. To ensure that all members of the Evanston community participate in sharing their own opinions. This isn't just a job description for a City Manager; it's the beginning of the development of a collective aspiration for the community.

The City Council nearly circumvented the public participation process in the City Manager search by hiring the interim City Manager outright last month, but public outcry persuaded the Council to reverse course and resume the national search process, including ensuring a robust public process.

Feedback on what residents would like to see in the next City Manager can be sent to the search consultants, GovHR, at

Thank you to Gail Schechter and the Community Alliance for Better Government for coordinating this effort.

For more about the City's search for a City Manager, click here.

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