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Who made a difference in your life?

Dear Evanston,

Who made a difference in your life in a positive way when you were a child?

How did this person make a difference?

Have you ever told that person how they affected you?

We’d love to hear your stories!

I’m putting together a short video about Pastor Zollie Webb, who passed away in September.

He was the pastor of Friendship Baptist Church of Evanston for 38 years, and he lifted up so many people!

As a child, he lived in seven foster homes; as an adult, he took in many young boys and men and a couple of young women—and changed their lives in profound ways.

It got me to wondering about experiences we may have had with someone who made a positive contribution to our lives— doesn’t have to be as monumental as Zollie Webb’s contributions, but just a story about a person/people who may have given you hope when you needed it, saw you when you felt no-one else did, steered you away from a bad situation.

Let’s hear your stories.

Here are Pastor Webb’s sons-- some fostered, some adopted--speaking about his influence on their lives.

He was quite a man.

Stay tuned for the full video.


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