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"You don't have to have power to be a hero."

David A. Burkett, age 15 Thank you to DE follower Julie Burkett-Greenfield and her son David for allowing us to share this story, which Julie posted earlier today on her Facebook page.

"A few days before school started this year, we received a letter in the mail from David's English teacher, Mr. Shakur, saying David's been put in an all-Black male English class," Julie wrote. "I was overcome with joy that my baby would have the opportunity to read, write, discuss and debate with students and teachers that look like him. Today, his assignment was to watch a video and compose a short poem using a few words from a provided list. This is what he wrote."


I thought we are supposed to feel safe in our community.

But that's kind of hard when we can't find any unity.

Who are you to tell me who I'm gonna grow up to be when you don't even know me you already judge me.

Before I walk in the door-you can't justify your actions.

No matter how many of us you kill the movement is still standing.

You don't have to have power to be a hero.

You just gotta help others from the bottom of your heart full of lots of love.

"Thank you Evanston Township High School (ETHS) and Mr. Shakur for giving my son the opportunity, and at a time when the world is burning, a space for him to process it all," Julie wrote.


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